Can You Really Hold Others Accountable?

This past Tuesday, I was on a conference call with Mindy, an HR Director for a financial services company.  I asked her what her company’s biggest leadership issues are.  Mindy said, “Our leaders don’t hold their people accountable.”Mindy’s company is not alone. Accountability is an issue for many organizations.According to a survey conducted by AMA Enterprise, … Read more

The Crucial Difference Between Leading Big and Leading Small

Dave is a smart guy– when it comes to most things. A Managing Director at a professional services firm, Dave knows his clients, industry, and the business inside and out.  He’s also passionate about wanting to grow the consulting skills of the Junior members of the firm. However, when it comes to leading a group … Read more

The Painful Price to Pay for Constant Urgency

When you’re asked, “How’s your week going?”, is your gut response to say: Crazy Busy? If so, you’re not alone.Crazy Busy – constant urgency – has become the new normal.Only there’s one problem.  If everything is urgent, then nothing is urgent.There are things in life that demand urgency.  A heart attack. A house on fire. … Read more

The Hidden Cost That Busy-ness Puts on Business

Simon has a problem. Simon’s been in the insurance business for 25 years.  A senior leader at his company, he’s knowledgeable, caring, and well-liked by his direct reports and colleagues. Simon’s organization is rolling out their own corporate university, and they’re tapping their senior leaders to serve as faculty to teach various courses to their … Read more

The Biggest Mistake New Leaders Make

Sarah is the CEO of a Fortune 500 company. Last week, she flew across the country to spend an hour meeting with eighteen of her high potential leaders.  They were all gathered together at a week-long leadership development program together. In the world of a CEO like Sarah, that trip represents a significant investment.  Sarah … Read more

3 Reasons Leaders Should Never Fix Their People

Daniel leads a team of twenty research scientist/leaders.In preparing to work with the team at their annual leadership conference, I spoke to Joanne, one of Daniel’s direct reports.  Joanne brought me up to speed with the team, their group dynamics, and the work that they do. One of the things Joanne shared was: One thing you … Read more

How Do You Get People Out of Their Shell?

How do you help people to perform at their best?One answer may surprise you.James had always been a “middle of the bell curve “employee. An engineer for a technology company, James had been a solid performer for 32 years. Solid, but never outstanding.    Given his performance, James had been passed over for promotions and … Read more

7 Easy Ways To Tell If Your Team Is Really A Team

Are you on a team that’s only a team in name only? If so, you’re not alone.This past week, I worked with a Executive Operating Committee (EOC) of a global pharmaceutical organization.  Twenty persons strong, EOC members had flown into New York City from around the world to spend two days together. The EOC has … Read more

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