The Why

Achieving great organizational performance isn’t about leaders being high performers; it’s about unlocking their ability to facilitate high performance in others. We’re often too close to our own problems to think about them differently. Coaching helps leaders align their values, talents and behaviors with the vision and mission of the organization.


The Who

Coaching is tailored leadership development for senior executives. In either a one-on-one or group format, leaders work with Alain on their goals and challenges. They look at strengths and areas for improvement. Together they create a strong and trusting partnership that allows the leader(s) to gain greater self-awareness, tap into their potential, broaden their leadership skills and change behaviors.


The What

Alain helps leaders design new habits, engineer innovation, and lead change. Clients learn how to simplify the complex, disrupt mediocrity, and stop doing things that don’t add value. In the process, leaders gain the mindset and skillsets of a facilitative leader. This enables them to achieve performance goals easier.



What do you want?



What do you have to do?



What could get in the way?



How do you stay accountable?

Results achieved
from coaching:

  • Improve individual performance and productivity
  • Develop capabilities of high-potential manager
  • Address a "derailing" behavior
  • Enhance the interactions of a team
  • Increase employee engagement and retention
  • Assess current and future career goals
  • Support during organizational changes or restructuring
  • Reinforce skill development post workshops

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