The Crucial Difference Between Leading Big and Leading Small

Dave is a smart guy– when it comes to most things. A Managing Director at a professional services firm, Dave knows his clients, industry, and the business inside and out.  He’s also passionate about wanting to grow the consulting skills of the Junior members of the firm. However, when it comes to leading a group … Read more

You Only Get One Chance to Make the Last Impression

Leaders are in the job of creating experiences for the people they lead.  Great leaders are particularly intentional about crafting the arc of that experience.  They know what note they want to leave things on.  They plan out their arc so that people walk away with a clear vision of what’s next. Great leaders plan … Read more

Why You Need To Know That Context (Not Content) Is King

    obesity mcdonalds walking dead bank When I first picked up my local paper last week and read the front page of the “Cities & Towns” section, my first thought was that the three finalists for Police Chief at UMASS/Amherst had to perform together playing tiny guitars.Not quite.I’d come my erroneous conclusion by connecting … Read more

3 Ways to Kill Your Credibility When Presenting to a Group

In The Leadership Challenge, Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner write: Credibility is the foundation of leadership.  If you doubt the messenger, you doubt the message. Last week, I was leading an intensive workshop for a company in the professional services industry.  I’m helping their consultants to become more effective communicators.  Over the multi-day training, the consultants … Read more

10 Things Leading An Auction Taught Me About Leading Meetings

You may never lead an auction in your life. But you probably do (or will) lead meetings. Last Friday night, I took my first turn as an auctioneer (and emcee) at the annual spring fundraiser for my kids’ elementary school. Now that I’ve run my first auction, it’s became obvious that there are massive parallels between auctions … Read more

3 Easy Ways to Stop Meeting Madness

Meetings.(Cue the groans and eye rolls.) Nobody loves them. Let’s face it, most people would rather be anywhere else than in a business meeting. Are meetings doomed to be inherently horrible? Or have we just settled for mediocrity because we know no better way? This subject of “meeting madness” came with two groups I worked with … Read more

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