Why are Leaders so Bad at Empathy?

At its core, leadership is a relationship. It’s no secret that connection is a key leadership skill.  If you can’t connect well, you can’t lead well.  There are many practices to strengthen connection with those you lead.  However, the most powerful is the keystone habit of empathy.  Empathy–showing people that you understand them and that … Read more

5 Reasons You Should Admit Mistakes

Have you made a mistake at work? I’ve asked that question to numerous groups of leaders. Every hand in the room goes up. We all make mistakes. Yet why are they hard to admit? Because admitting them causes us pain. Psychologists call it cognitive dissonance: the stress caused from holding two ore more contradictory beliefs … Read more

An Essential Step to Leading Smarter

Leadership is a process of influencing others to willingly work towards a shared purpose.  Part of that job is communicating what that purpose is.  Too many leaders go about this the wrong way. Consider Fernando.  A senior finance director for a large multinational based in Mexico City, Fernando has always been in leadership roles for more … Read more

3 Easy Ways to Say “I’m Unprofessional”

Do you care what people think about you? Of course you do.We live in an age of easy access to information.  This access gives your customers a multitude of choices as to where to get their needs met.What separates you from your competitor?It’s not the quality or cost of your product or service.  It’s the … Read more

7 Easy Ways To Tell If Your Team Is Really A Team

Are you on a team that’s only a team in name only? If so, you’re not alone.This past week, I worked with a Executive Operating Committee (EOC) of a global pharmaceutical organization.  Twenty persons strong, EOC members had flown into New York City from around the world to spend two days together. The EOC has … Read more

The Tragic Cost of Low Trust

It was supposed to go like any other conference call.I dialed in to meet with Meg, Pam, Roger, and Shari – four executives from a biotech organization.  On the back end of a merger, the company had brought me in to help the two legacy marketing departments collaborate more effectively. Our phone meeting was a … Read more

Why Do Leaders Lack Empathy?

Last Wednesday was a sunny, crisp, beautiful Fall New England morning. That’s when it all went terribly wrong.It was already 8:10 am, and I was hurrying to get Miranda, my nine-year old daughter to school on time.Her school’s about a mile from home, and thus far this school year, we’ve been riding our bicycles to … Read more

Leadership Factors That Will Make or Break the Great Debate

On Monday night, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will have their first presidential debate.  It’s expected to be the most watched debate in U.S. history.For those of us in organizational leadership roles, the debate (no matter what your political leanings) offer an opportunity to observe and talk shop about how people view potential leaders. A … Read more

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