Can This Chess Skill Improve Your Leadership?

Chess is not the easiest game to play. Chess also isn’t the easiest game to teach someone else how to play. I’ve spent the past two weeks trying to teach the fundamentals of chess to my nine year old daughter, Miranda. What’s particularly challenging is explaining the idea of long term thinking. Miranda gets how … Read more

6 Threats Keeping You From Innovating

Innovation: Creating value by doing something better by doing it a new or different way. That “something better” could be many things: A new product A refined process An improved way to collaborate Innovation doesn’t have to mean a radical change -incremental tweaks are innovative, too.  Given this broad definition of innovation, everyone can be innovative. … Read more

Tough or Nice? Which Should A Leader Choose?

There’s an archetype that’s been around for a long time in business:  the Great Man. It’s based on the belief that an extraordinary individual can save the day.  It’s personified by the work of the actor John Wayne:  the hero rides into town, and makes everything okay.  The End.  Fade to black.  Roll the credits. … Read more

Three Big Business Benefits to Being Curious

Do you have to manage more information than ever before? Is change hitting you faster than ever before? Welcome to the two-headed monster of today’s work world. We’re living in an age of complexity—one that shows no signs of going away or slowing down. Everyone’s dealing with the challenges of more, faster and bigger.  ‘Doing … Read more

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