Performance Improvement

How Do You Get People Out of Their Shell?

How do you help people to perform at their best?One answer may surprise you.James had always been a “middle of the bell curve “employee. An engineer for a technology company, James had been a solid performer for 32 years. Solid, but never outstanding.    Given his performance, James had been passed over for promotions and … Read more

7 Easy Ways To Tell If Your Team Is Really A Team

Are you on a team that’s only a team in name only? If so, you’re not alone.This past week, I worked with a Executive Operating Committee (EOC) of a global pharmaceutical organization.  Twenty persons strong, EOC members had flown into New York City from around the world to spend two days together. The EOC has … Read more

7 Keys To Keep Your Goals From Failing

    It’s January.  A New Year. For many companies, this means the annual rite of setting performance goals is in full swing.  Sadly, some leaders are much better at setting goals than others. Over the past month, I worked with a midsize manufacturing organization to help them improve their goal setting process.   In my … Read more

This One Leadership Skill Will Send Your Credibility Soaring

My twelve year old son, Alexander, just got braces on his teeth. In case you don’t remember or never had them, braces hurt the first few days. A lot. Alexander is a trooper, and knew that the pain in his mouth would eventually subside.But that first afternoon, he was extremely uncomfortable. Later that evening, around … Read more

The Surprising Skill Successful Coaches Share

On Saturday, I got to be a guinea pig in an experiment on leadership, coaching, and motivation.I didn’t plan for this.  It just worked out that way.The laboratory? My local CrossFit gym. The experiment? A group workout, where were matched up to work in teams of two.  Saturday’s workout was a 5000 meter row on … Read more

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