The #1 Way to Start Communicating Effectively

 Let’s face it: as a leader and a communicator, you want to influence others.It’s hard to influence others if they don’t listen to you. Last week’s post asked Why Is Effective Communication So Difficult? The answer boils down to a lack of alignment between the three critical elements of communication:The post shared the giant mistake … Read more

Why Is Effective Communication So Difficult?

Communication is critical to the success of any enterprise. Like the circulatory system of the body, it’s the connection between all the different parts of an organization.  It the link between leaders and constituents, suppliers and distributors, employees and customers. In the same way that the circulatory system can become diseased (arteriosclerosis) and threaten the … Read more

FIFA: Four Illustrations of Flawed Action

    Money is not dangerous, unless you buy power.  Philosopher Karl Popper FIFA, the world governing body for International Football (Soccer), has had (to put it mildly) a bad week. Bribery Racketeering Graft Corruption Conspiracy Words more often associated with organized crime than with a major league sport. FIFA is embroiled in a massive … Read more

What Stops Leaders from Empowering Others?

    The research firm Universum recently queried over 2,000 business leaders and professionals, asking: What’s the most important quality that you expect future leaders to possess? The #1 response (41%): They empower their employees. Empowerment. It became a business buzzword twenty years ago, and has been in and out of vogue ever since.At it’s core, … Read more

How Do You Deal With Disagreement?

    Working with others means that you’ll eventually face conflict and disagreement. Conflict isn’t bad:  we need work cultures that support differing perspectives, multiple opinions, and divergent thinking.   However, how we communicate our disagreements can either help or hinder our workplace relationships and results.A new paper in the Academy of Management Review identifies four distinct categories of conflict … Read more

What’s Your Leadership Model: Elephant or Ostrich?

    If leadership was easy, more people would be great leaders.  Leading is smooth sailing when things are going smoothly.   The real question is: How do you fare under pressure? I was flying from Hartford to Charlotte last week, on the first leg of a multi-day business trip. The flight was proceeding smoothly. … Read more

Look: Up In the Sky! Is it a Hero? Or a Hot Mess?

In many workplaces, workaholics rule the roost. Just yesterday, the most emailed article from the NY Times was “How Some Men Fake an 80-Hour Workweek, and Why It Matters”. The article cites research that shows that some employees (particularly men) have learned how to “pass” as workaholics to receive higher ratings on performance reviews. The … Read more

The Three Pitfalls of Perfectionism

Has this happened to you? Growing up, you came home from school having received a 98 on a test. You tell your Mom or Dad. They reply, “What happened to the other 2 points?” You bring your report card home.  You’ve got all A’s except for one B+.  What does the conversation focus on? The … Read more

The Great Mistake of Appreciation

   Appreciation matters. But you knew that already. Because it matters to you.  We all want to feel valued and recognized for our contributions. Appreciation is one of the most powerful accelerators of employee engagement.  For example, research conducted by the O.C. Tanner Company shows that adding appreciation boosts scores at low-trust companies from 35% engaged … Read more

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