Leadership Factors That Will Make or Break the Great Debate

    On Monday night, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will have their first presidential debate.  It’s expected to be the most watched debate in U.S. history.For those of us in organizational leadership roles, the debate (no matter what your political leanings) offer an opportunity to observe and talk shop about how people view potential … Read more

The Secret to Help Teams Stop Avoiding Conflict

    Wendy was in tears.  She was exhausted and completely demoralized.Always a straight- A student, Wendy was feeling the pangs of failure. On this new project team, she felt undervalued and overlooked. The team operated as though she were invisible. They’d discuss things and make decisions without her. As we continued our coaching session, … Read more

Three Things To NEVER Do When Asking For Help

    96% of executives cite lack of collaboration or ineffective communication as the main source of workplace failures. Why are collaboration and effective communication so vital? It’s because these skills are precisely what’s needed to navigate a volatile work world of speed and constant change.  People who have these qualities are better equipped to … Read more

A #1 Top Ranked Leader Shares His Secret To Success

    What do the best leaders do that the rest of us don’t? I discovered the answer to that question for one top leader this past Tuesday. I was in the executive conference room at the headquarters of a large food-service company. With me, scattered around the gigantic table, were four of their 100 … Read more

What Might Your Drive To Achieve Be Costing You?

Every leader (and organization) has its strengths. Where do the strengths serve well? Where do they incur costs? I led the following awareness-building exercise with a team of leaders at a manufacturing organization.  You can try it with alone, or with your team. Leadership Quality Awareness Exercise Think back on all the leaders you’ve ever … Read more

10 Things Great Leaders Do On The First Day With a New Team

    Why are these kids smiling? I should know–they’re my kids.  Alexander and Miranda posed for this photo last Wednesday, right before they got on their bikes to ride off to the first day of school.They were really excited.  Usually a request for their picture provokes eye rolls and mad faces.  Not on Wednesday. … Read more

Is Your Personal Brand Well In Hand?

    Marketing Author Seth Godin has defined a brand as: The set of expectations, memories, stories and relationships that, taken together, account for a consumer’s decision to choose one product or service over another. If someone chooses to work with you instead of choosing someone else, that choice represents the power of your personal brand: … Read more

A Crucial Component In Communicating Change

People don’t naturally embrace change, and for good reason: Change = Uncertainty = Fear People are used to the familiar.  There’s a reason they call it “The Comfort Zone”. When you start forcing people away from the familiar, they can have a range of potential responses.   Their reactions are influenced by your skill in leading … Read more

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