Are You in the Top 3% With This Important Business Skill?

    In the course of my consulting engagements, I work with hundreds of mid-level and senior leaders a month. Lately, I’ve asked asked many of them the same question: When you make an offer to be of support to a group of entry-level or junior-level employees, how many of them actually take you up on … Read more

The Hidden Benefit of Disclosure

    I’m not passive-aggressive…I’m just aggressive.  I recognize it’s a problem for the teams that I work with. This was the start of my first leadership coaching session with Renée. Still early in her career but wise beyond her years, Renée has a healthy dose of self-awareness.  She knows her own strengths and liabilities. … Read more

Three Things To NEVER Do When Asking For Help

    96% of executives cite lack of collaboration or ineffective communication as the main source of workplace failures. Why are collaboration and effective communication so vital? It’s because these skills are precisely what’s needed to navigate a volatile work world of speed and constant change.  People who have these qualities are better equipped to … Read more

Three Big Business Benefits to Being Curious

    Do you have to manage more information than ever before? Is change hitting you faster than ever before? Welcome to the two-headed monster of today’s work world. We’re living in an age of complexity—one that shows no signs of going away or slowing down. Everyone’s dealing with the challenges of more, faster and … Read more

A #1 Top Ranked Leader Shares His Secret To Success

    What do the best leaders do that the rest of us don’t? I discovered the answer to that question for one top leader this past Tuesday. I was in the executive conference room at the headquarters of a large food-service company. With me, scattered around the gigantic table, were four of their 100 … Read more

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