Two Giant Problems With Being Nice

    Ken is a nice guy.Everyone says so. A senior VP of strategy at a major aerospace company, Ken prides himself on being pleasant and agreeable to work with. Ken works really hard to be nice.   So what’s wrong? Being nice is killing Ken’s effectiveness and efficiency at work.It’s also impacting his team, … Read more

What’s the Danger in Being a Benevolent Leader?

In your leadership, how do you seek influence? Through strength? Or warmth? Research continues to mount that leading with warmth is the more effective leadership strategy. Warmth builds trust. Trust allows people to let their guard down.  They’re open to the new, rather than defending the old. Warmth promotes effective communication and connection. Warmth shows … Read more

3 Ways to Increase Your Stress @ Work

    Culture is the fishbowl in which your company swims: it’s invisible, but impacts everything. Company culture is a combination of beliefs and behaviors, and is best defined as “how we do things around here”. As an external leadership consultant, I get invited to come and swim in different fishbowls every week. Sometimes the … Read more

The Big Screw Up

    Poor Molly Huddle. Heading towards the finish of the 10,000 meter finals at the World Championships in Beijing last month, Huddle thought she had the Bronze medal in the bag. This was turning out to be her best finish ever in an international race. Huddle led the entire field as the bell rang to signal the … Read more

10 Things Great Leaders Do On The First Day With a New Team

    Why are these kids smiling? I should know–they’re my kids.  Alexander and Miranda posed for this photo last Wednesday, right before they got on their bikes to ride off to the first day of school.They were really excited.  Usually a request for their picture provokes eye rolls and mad faces.  Not on Wednesday. … Read more

Every Name is Not the Same

    Names matter. You need look no further than the controversy raging around yesterday’s decision by President Obama to change the name of Mount McKinley, the tallest mountain in North America. Obama’s signed an order to rename it Denali, which the mountain has been called by the native peoples of Alaska who have lived in its shadow for … Read more

Nothing’s A Success Like Succeeding

    Success.   It’s often defined as “the accomplishment of an aim or purpose”. Deciding what to aim at is a deeply personal experience. Stephen R. Covey, author of The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People wrote: “If you carefully consider what you want to be said of you in the funeral experience, you will find … Read more

Want a New Win? Try A Wall of Appreciation

    Do you have a blank wall somewhere at your office? Consider trying out this idea: Transform the blank wall into a Wall of Appreciation. It’s fairly common knowledge that being appreciated at work impacts a host of factors: retention, engagement, productivity and customer satisfaction. A few research examples: “The number-one reason most Americans leave their jobs … Read more

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