Are You THIS Committed to Growing Your People?

    In working with hundreds of organizations, a recurring theme is that greatleaders develop other leaders. On paper, that’s an easy concept to grasp: it’s pretty obvious. However, the challenge in the real world–the too much to do, not enough time to do it real world– is that developing other leaders gets pushed aside for … Read more

A #1 Top Ranked Leader Shares His Secret To Success

    What do the best leaders do that the rest of us don’t? I discovered the answer to that question for one top leader this past Tuesday. I was in the executive conference room at the headquarters of a large food-service company. With me, scattered around the gigantic table, were four of their 100 … Read more

7 Hard Truths Why Saying NO Is So Tough

How’s your day going? Busy. Really busy.  Crazy busy.Shouldn’t this interchange be officially banned? After all, isn’t ‘busy’ what’s expected?  Isn’t busy–and its variants (full, jam-packed, maxed-out, loaded-up) the new normal? You’re busy. Wow. Join the club. According to research from the Society for Human Resource Management, 70% of employees work beyond scheduled time and on … Read more

You Only Get One Chance to Make the Last Impression

    Leaders are in the job of creating experiences for the people they lead.  Great leaders are particularly intentional about crafting the arc of that experience.  They know what note they want to leave things on.  They plan out their arc so that people walk away with a clear vision of what’s next. Great … Read more

What Google’s Quest For the Perfect Team Means For You

    Connected.  Collaborative.  Creative.How well do these qualities describe the team you lead? In today’s workplace, no one gets far working on an island.  Effective teamwork is critical for success.Intuitively, you already know that.  When a team is ‘humming’, you feel it.  On the flip side, when a team is struggling, you feel it … Read more

Is Getting More Sleep the Resolution You’re Avoiding?

Happy New Year!Did you create a list of goals for 2016? If you’re like most people, your resolution(s) focus on either achieving a specific goal (e.g., making more money), or improving yourself in one of the following dimensions: Physical (health, wellness) Emotional (relationships, mood) Mental (learning, focus) Spiritual (meaning, passion) It probably also involves taking … Read more

7 Ways To Tell If You’re Easy To Do Business With

How do your customers like working with you? Customer (in this context) can be either external or internal. External customers are what we think of as the ‘traditional’ customer.Internal customers can be anyone who is upstream or downstream in the value chain: colleagues, direct reports, managers, suppliers, contractors. We all like it when our customers are easy … Read more

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