Leadership Factors That Will Make or Break the Great Debate

    On Monday night, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will have their first presidential debate.  It’s expected to be the most watched debate in U.S. history.For those of us in organizational leadership roles, the debate (no matter what your political leanings) offer an opportunity to observe and talk shop about how people view potential … Read more

6 Threats Keeping You From Innovating

    Innovation: Creating value by doing something better by doing it a new or different way. That “something better” could be many things: A new product A refined process An improved way to collaborate Innovation doesn’t have to mean a radical change -incremental tweaks are innovative, too.  Given this broad definition of innovation, everyone can … Read more

When Messing Up Is The Best Thing You Can Do

    Saturday did not go as planned. Paul, Alex and I were two days into a three-day backpacking trip in the Adirondack mountains of New York State.  Hiking north on the Northville-Lake Placid Trail, we were fourteen miles away from civilization.  Paul, one of my best friends from college and an experienced hiker, had planned out our … Read more

Are You in the Top 3% With This Important Business Skill?

    In the course of my consulting engagements, I work with hundreds of mid-level and senior leaders a month. Lately, I’ve asked asked many of them the same question: When you make an offer to be of support to a group of entry-level or junior-level employees, how many of them actually take you up on … Read more

The Secret to Help Teams Stop Avoiding Conflict

    Wendy was in tears.  She was exhausted and completely demoralized.Always a straight- A student, Wendy was feeling the pangs of failure. On this new project team, she felt undervalued and overlooked. The team operated as though she were invisible. They’d discuss things and make decisions without her. As we continued our coaching session, … Read more

The Secret Octane In George Washington’s Leadership Fuel

On April 18, 1783, George Washington announced the end of fighting between America and Great Britain. The freedom won in the American Revolution came at a high cost:  of the 200,000 Americans who served in the war, 25,000 died.  This staggering number represents about 1 percent of total American population at that time. Over the … Read more

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