Alain Hunkins

What Really Intelligent People Need To Perform At Their Best

Jane has been recently promoted to Senior Manager at a technology firm. When I met Jane, she told me her most pressing problem: I have some really smart people on my team.  While that seems great, they’re really challenging to lead.  What should I do?  Leading highly intelligent people is a double-edged sword. The (obvious) … Read more

A Surprisingly Subtle Yet Powerful Way to Improve Decision Making

Decisions.  We make them all day, every day. Decision making seems like it should be a relatively easy process. After all, we’ve got lots of practice at it. However, for leaders making decisions in organizational settings, there’s a whole new level of complexity that comes with the territory. It’s not as simple as right or … Read more

The Giant Cost of Faking Feedback

Saying you want feedback is one thing.  The willingness to receive it is something else. Research has shown that leaders who ask for feedback are significantly more effective than leaders who don’t ask for it.  Leaders who ranked at the bottom 10% in asking for feedback were rated at the 15th percentile in overall leadership … Read more

3 Ways to Overcome Your HATRED of Administrative Tasks

Mael is concerned.  He doesn’t want to be the latest victim of the Peter Principle:  the phenomenon where people are promoted to their own level of incompetence. An outgoing, gregarious personality, Mael is one of the most popular (and in-demand) personal trainers at a local gym. The owner has just promoted Mael.  He’s now the Head … Read more

Can You Really Hold Others Accountable?

This past Tuesday, I was on a conference call with Mindy, an HR Director for a financial services company.  I asked her what her company’s biggest leadership issues are.  Mindy said, “Our leaders don’t hold their people accountable.”Mindy’s company is not alone. Accountability is an issue for many organizations.According to a survey conducted by AMA Enterprise, … Read more

The Crucial Difference Between Leading Big and Leading Small

Dave is a smart guy– when it comes to most things. A Managing Director at a professional services firm, Dave knows his clients, industry, and the business inside and out.  He’s also passionate about wanting to grow the consulting skills of the Junior members of the firm. However, when it comes to leading a group … Read more

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