Alain Hunkins

3 Easy Ways to Stop Meeting Madness

Meetings.(Cue the groans and eye rolls.) Nobody loves them. Let’s face it, most people would rather be anywhere else than in a business meeting. Are meetings doomed to be inherently horrible? Or have we just settled for mediocrity because we know no better way? This subject of “meeting madness” came with two groups I worked with … Read more

How to Artfully Start a Meeting When You Don’t Start on Time

Has this happened to you? You’re leading a meeting. You’ve got 25 people scheduled to attend.  (For simplicity, let’s assume all of your attendees are meeting in person together.) The meeting is supposed to start at 9 am. It’s pouring rain outside.At 8:58, you look around.  Only 14 of the 25 people are in the … Read more

3 Steps to Become an All-Star

Who wouldn’t want to be an All-Star? We’re not talking strictly sports here:  let’s broaden the definition of an All-Star as someone who’s recognized for being an outstanding performer. All-Stars aren’t just especially lucky.  Their achievements are based on some key fundamentals, ones that we can all replicate. My 10 year old son, Alexander, has played … Read more

The Top Tool to Tick Off Your Team

Our social world is governed by unspoken norms. Want to freak someone out? The next time someone says “hello” to you, just ignore them and don’t reply. (Just thinking about doing that probably freaks you out.) As someone who wants to influence others, you need to be particularly attuned to what people say to you.  When … Read more

Top 3 Reasons Why Leaders Are Emotionally Unintelligent

Emotional Intelligence. For more than a decade,  it’s been shown time and again that Emotional Intelligence is a  bigger predictor of success than education and skills. So why do so many emotionally stupid leaders still walk the earth? Last week, I was at a conference of a Fortune 50 company in the Energy Industry. Over 1,500 of their … Read more

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