Three Tips to Being a Better Coach

Leadership isn’t about you shining; it’s about helping those you lead to shine. After all, if your success is based on the success of those you lead, it’s in everyone’s best interest for you to do whatever you can to help them excel. One of the most important roles we play as leaders is that … Read more

How Empowerment Leads to Engagement

If it were you, which would you most prefer? No choice Someone else’s choice for me My choice The answer is obvious:  In general, we prefer to make our own choices.There’s a freedom that comes from making our own choices.  This is the heart of empowerment:the ability to be directly involved in our work. This … Read more

The Giant Cost of Faking Feedback

Saying you want feedback is one thing.  The willingness to receive it is something else. Research has shown that leaders who ask for feedback are significantly more effective than leaders who don’t ask for it.  Leaders who ranked at the bottom 10% in asking for feedback were rated at the 15th percentile in overall leadership … Read more

Who Is Your Content Really For?

    I turned the key in the ignition.  The dashboard read: CHECK TIRE PRESSURE I walked around the car.  My last stop was the front right side.There was a huge rupture in the tire.  It couldn’t be any flatter. I called my local chapter of the AAA.  A repair truck showed up within 30 … Read more

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