Decision Making

The Painful Price to Pay for Constant Urgency

When you’re asked, “How’s your week going?”, is your gut response to say: Crazy Busy? If so, you’re not alone.Crazy Busy – constant urgency – has become the new normal.Only there’s one problem.  If everything is urgent, then nothing is urgent.There are things in life that demand urgency.  A heart attack. A house on fire. … Read more

The Hidden Cost That Busy-ness Puts on Business

Simon has a problem. Simon’s been in the insurance business for 25 years.  A senior leader at his company, he’s knowledgeable, caring, and well-liked by his direct reports and colleagues. Simon’s organization is rolling out their own corporate university, and they’re tapping their senior leaders to serve as faculty to teach various courses to their … Read more

The Biggest Mistake New Leaders Make

Sarah is the CEO of a Fortune 500 company. Last week, she flew across the country to spend an hour meeting with eighteen of her high potential leaders.  They were all gathered together at a week-long leadership development program together. In the world of a CEO like Sarah, that trip represents a significant investment.  Sarah … Read more

How To Avoid Missed Understanding With These Three Simple Keys

The Miss Florence Diner, in Florence, Massachusetts is an American landmark. Literally. It’s been open since 1941, and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. My family’s been going to Miss Flo’s for years.  We have a family ritual where we go there for breakfast on Election Day, MLK Day, President’s Day and … Read more

Can This Chess Skill Improve Your Leadership?

Chess is not the easiest game to play. Chess also isn’t the easiest game to teach someone else how to play. I’ve spent the past two weeks trying to teach the fundamentals of chess to my nine year old daughter, Miranda. What’s particularly challenging is explaining the idea of long term thinking. Miranda gets how … Read more

The Surprising Skill Successful Coaches Share

On Saturday, I got to be a guinea pig in an experiment on leadership, coaching, and motivation.I didn’t plan for this.  It just worked out that way.The laboratory? My local CrossFit gym. The experiment? A group workout, where were matched up to work in teams of two.  Saturday’s workout was a 5000 meter row on … Read more

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