Decision Making

How to Artfully Start a Meeting When You Don’t Start on Time

    Has this happened to you? You’re leading a meeting. You’ve got 25 people scheduled to attend.  (For simplicity, let’s assume all of your attendees are meeting in person together.) The meeting is supposed to start at 9 am. It’s pouring rain outside.At 8:58, you look around.  Only 14 of the 25 people are … Read more

Top 3 Reasons Why Leaders Are Emotionally Unintelligent

    Emotional Intelligence. For more than a decade,  it’s been shown time and again that Emotional Intelligence is a  bigger predictor of success than education and skills. So why do so many emotionally stupid leaders still walk the earth? Last week, I was at a conference of a Fortune 50 company in the Energy Industry. Over 1,500 … Read more

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