Mental Fitness

Mental fitness: Your ability to respond to life’s challenges with a positive rather than a negative mindset. 


Shirzad Chamine

Author, Positive Intelligence 

Program Designer

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Alain Hunkins

Author, Cracking the Leadership Code

Program Coach


What beliefs are keeping you stuck in self-sabotaging patterns of behavior? Recognizing and gaining insight into these beliefs is the first step. You can’t change won’t you don’t notice.


Being coached through this program in our small group not only led to better success and well-being, but in fostering connections I will have for the rest of my life. 

―Debra Jensen, Senior UI/UX Designer, Reflection Software 


Neuroscience has taught us that we can rewire neural patterns.  Instead of reacting to events with stress, fear, anger, and doubt, we can strengthen our self-command mental muscles to respond with empathy, curiosity, creativity, compassion, and clear-headed action.

 I have the power and ability to calmly focus my attention in a mindful way using these very simple PQ reps.  I use them all the time. 

―Launa Schweizer, Incoming Head of School, Washington Montessori School 


Mental fitness progress only comes from  practice. You will learn to identify the top saboteurs and the stories they see you that keep you stuck in a negative loop.  You will find ways to access your Sage powers to create new stories, new beliefs, new behaviors, and new results.  Not only will you achieve more, you'll feel happier in the process.

I learned how important it is to build the right habits, and how easy it is to slip back into what is comfortable.

―Tony Hastings, Corporate Director of Human Resources, Party City

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